This video about shatafas is going viral for all the wrong reasons

For those of us in the Middle East, the shatafa, or hand bidet, isn’t exactly a new concept.

It seems American media organisation ATTN haven’t been graced with the glory that is the shatafa, and have since released an instructional video on the benefits of using water instead of toilet paper.

The results? Yeah, they were as you’d expect.

Presenting the shatafa as a new concept didn’t seem to fly with the Muslim community, and lead to some pretty hilarious comments.

The video has since gone viral, having gathered more than 15 million views.

Here’s the video:

Source: ATTN

Naturally, hilarity ensued…

“Wow! What’s this new technology?”

Some couldn’t believe they’d only just discovered it.

Some wanted waaay more than a simple shatafa…

Still couldn’t believe it.

Some even had comic strips at the ready…