US media writes 449% more stories about terrorist attacks committed by ‘Muslims’

Sure, it’s not exactly news that Muslims get a bad wrap in the US media, but the data collected by academics at Georgia State University is shocking.

According to their research, terror attacks perpetrated by people claiming to be Muslim get around 449 per cent more news stories than attacks carried out by non-Muslims.

Muslims are getting 4.5 times more negative news coverage than non-Muslims, in what seems to be in an effort to ignite fear towards Muslims among the US population.

“This stereotyping reinforces cultural narratives about what and who should be feared,” the study reads.

“By covering terrorist attacks by Muslims dramatically more than other incidents, the media frame this type of event as more prevalent.

“Based on these findings, it is no wonder that Americans are so fearful of radical Islamic terrorism.”

How did they collect the data?

The researchers behind the findings analysed media coverage from CNN and US newspapers from 2011 to 2015. A total of 2,413 news articles were included, as well as terror-related news coverage.

Only 12.4 per cent of terror attacks in the five-year period were carried out by those claiming to be Muslim. However, these attacks received 41.4 per cent of the terror-related media coverage.

Naturally, people were unimpressed…