Dubai will soon have self-driving police cars roaming the streets

Dubai’s on the forefront of being one of the world’s most technologically advanced cities.

From robo-cops to automated flying taxis, it seems the city’s got a new futuristic prospect to look forward to – self-driving police cars.

The Dubai Police have announced a series of self-driving cars that will patrol the streets of the UAE, monitoring set areas and suburbs of Dubai.

How? The cars will use a combination of thermal cameras, laser scanners, HD cameras, ultrasonic sensors and more in order to identify the world around it, as well as follow people of suspect.

Here’s a picture of the automated security bots from creators OTSAW.

dubai police

The cars can be manually overridden from the fleet’s control centre, but can automatically handle jobs such as vehicle, license plate and pedestrian detection, facial recognition, perimeter breaches and suspicious bag detecion.

If you’re looking to catch a sneak peek, they’ll be on display at Dubai’s next GITEX event in September.

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