Carefive and 11 other rip-off brand names we love

We’ve all likely encountered a hilarious rip-off brand name or two, but there’s one in Abu Dhabi which has trumped them all.


Incredible, right?

Is this Carrefour’s planned expansion? Whatever happened to Carretwo and three?

In celebration of this ridiculous rip-off, we’ve thrown together a list of some of our other favourite bogus brand names.

1. New Style Ninja Tortoise

Tortoises can’t even swim, how are they expected to live in a sewer? Something tells us not a lot of thought went into this product name.

2. Michael Alone

Erm, not even close. Maybe it’s an elaborate cry for help from a bloke called Michael, we’ll never know.

3. Dolce & Banana

What’s surprising is that it looks like Dolce & Banana made it all the way to the high street. Did nobody think to double check?

4. Panburger Partner

We’re also unsure as to what exactly Panburger Partner is.

6. Sonia

Who’s Sonia? Why is the model wearing a bald cap? So many questions.

7. Okay Shampoo

“Yeah, it’s not great. Do you suffer from split ends? Cause this won’t do anything to remedy it, but it’ll try to wash your hair.”

8. Mighty Mutant Power Turtles

The Mighty Mutant Power Turtles battle The Secretive Goo? What’s next? The Cryptic Slime?

9. Benign Girl

Well, it’s no wonder Benign Girl’s sales haven’t experienced growth. It’s all in the name.

10. Robert Cop 3

What happened to Robert Cop 1 and 2? Even the figurine looks like he’s shrugging.

11. Burger Madam & Sir

Nope, nowhere near. Not even in the same vein.

burger king dubai

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