Dubai’s Ramadan Sharing Fridge concept was better than ever this year

Dubai’s humanitarian side shone strong throughout the holy month, with the Ramadan Sharing Fridge initiative having come back in full force.

The fridges were placed outside homes, office buildings and communities, and stocked full of food and drinks by volunteers so that nearby workers, gardeners, or anyone in need could stop and grab a snack.

The sharing concept was such a smash hit this year that some fridges were stocked up to 15 times a day, feeding up to 100 people on the daily.

This year saw hundreds of fridges throughout the city, hitting almost half of last year’s number within the first two days of Ramadan.

Speaking to The National, 87-year-old Krishna Bhatia praised the concept, saying, “Never believe that an individual can’t make a difference.

“If a person can’t afford to help hundreds of poor people, then help just one.”

Not only did the fridges provide a place to stock up on food and drink, the community aspect also came into play.

“One gardener in a residential area said that in the 20 years he was part of that community he never had so many chances to talk to the residents than when he came to the fridge,” one of the initiative’s co-founders, Anne Mulcahy told What’s On.

It is the Year of Giving, after all.

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