The hottest day EVER recorded on Earth happened last week in Kuwait

Kuwait experienced the hottest day ever recorded over the weekend, as temperatures soared to a seriously blistering 54 degrees Celsius.

Weather historian, Christopher C Burt, said the temperature in Kuwait’s North West city of Mitribah was the highest “ever reliably measured on Earth.”

In neighbouring Iran, temperatures of 53.9 degrees Celsius were recorded on the same day.

Temperatures are expected to hang around the high 40s in coming days, with residents taking to the indoors or to swim in the river to avoid the sweltering sun.

Naturally, residents and visitors took to social media to voice their woes:





The hottest day in the world was previously recorded as 56.7 degrees Celsius in California, USA in 1913.

However, the claim has been widely disputed by meteorologists, who say the equipment used at the time to make the recordings was unreliable.

Meanwhile, in the UK…

In the United Kingdom, the Brits have been struggling with a ‘record-breaking heatwave’ which topped out at 34 degrees Celsius.

Temperatures which those of us who live in the Middle East will understand, are rookie numbers.

How hot is it in the UAE?

The UAE wasn’t too far behind Kuwait, with parts of the UAE reaching over 50 degrees Celsius in recent weeks, according to the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS).

The temperature in Dubai has been holding in the early 40s bracket.

Don’t worry, we’ve only got to struggle through for four more months before summer’s gone and temperatures start declining. Sigh.


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