Last week Dubai Marina’s water turned orange. Here’s why.

Dubai Municipality have spoken…

Last week saw the waters of Dubai Marina turn a serious murky orange, with residents taking to social media to post photos of the mysterious cloud slowly creeping through the waters.

dubai marina

The residents demanded answers…

dubai marina

While some thought the change in colour was caused by some kind of spillage, it turns out that Dubai Municipality has since sampled the site and has determined…

That the likely cause of the colour was bentonite, a type of clay used in construction.

It’s suggested that the bentonite had entered Dubai Marina’s waterway through surface water and rain drainage systems.

“The primary suspicion of this colour change is bentonite…” Dubai Municipality wrote on Instagram.

“This material is sometimes used during drilling or perforation of the canals.

“Bentonite is used in drilling wells if the layers are loose or not coherent.”

The discolouration in the water poses no threat to marine or human health, with most of the orange cloud having already subsided.

Dubai Municipality have said that they have taken all measures to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

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