Dubai gets demolished by a 500-metre wave in a teaser for Geostorm

Granted, the weather’s been a little off lately, but it’s nowhere near what trailer for upcoming disaster film Geostorm suggests.

Warner Bros. have released a series of teasers for the movie, which will star Gerard Butler and Abbie Cornish.

One of said teasers features Dubai getting completely demolished by some freak tidal wave.

Perhaps the government decided cloud seeding wasn’t getting the city soggy enough.

Check it out:

The story will follow a satellite designer who must attempt to save the world from some ridiculous storm.

Realistic? Probably not. Think about it as a mash-up of 2012 and The Perfect Storm.

Why were there so many people still on the beach though? Surely you’d have clocked the 500-metre behemoth of a water mountain ploughing towards the city soon enough to pack up your blanket and picnic hamper.

“What’s that Susan?” “Oh, looks like a giant wa-glrbgrblgblrbgl”

Unfortunately, the Dubai teaser didn’t go down too well with its residents…

“I’m not sure yet but was Burj Khalifa moved near the coast line? Digital effects already dissolved Al Wasl and Jumeirah from the map. What a disaster!” Oliver Santos commented on Facebook.

“This will scare the property owners in The World haha,” said Ernie Reyes.

We’re not sure if Ernie watched the whole thing, but even if we lived in IMPZ we’d be a little sweaty about property damage.

Mr Adam El-Balawi sought to clear up the possibility of such a wave with a little geography knowledge, saying, “Not possible here. This region has geographical barriers to prevent such threats. The Indian subcontinent acts as a barrier to tsunami waves entering Gulf waters.”

Sure, he might not be fun at parties, but he makes a valid point.

A release date is set for October 2017, which gives us plenty of time to prepare a safety bunker. Just don’t forget the floaties.