5 reasons Tesla will slot straight into Dubai

They’re not just great for the environment, they’ve got those neat-o falcon-wing doors too…

A good chunk of the population on our floating space-rock is well aware of climate change, and the damage potential it could wreak on our planet.

According to NASA, cars are the largest net culprit of climate change.

Which is why we’re glad that companies like Tesla exist, with their intention being to take a little bit of strain off our increasingly-tired environment.

Not too long ago the electric-car company announced their intention to set up shop in Dubai, and have been taking orders since the 13th of February.

They plan to have a fully functioning Tesla Motor services center just off Sheikh Zayed Road by this July.

Why Tesla is good for Dubai
1. Save that petrol money

Sure, we’re aware that Dubai’s petrol prices aren’t exactly the biggest pocket-sink, but picture this: It’s the end of July and you’ve spent the month’s earnings on unnecessary summer brunches.

The last thing you need to worry about is fueling your ridiculous Ford F-150 or Lambo which chews through petrol like an expat chews through bullfrogs at Barasti.

2. No emissions, no guilt

All that talking you do on Facebook about how the Earth is dying will finally be met with a real life solution!

Since the Tesla models run exclusively on electricity, you’ll be able to prove to your family and friends that “yes – I really do care about the environment in my snazzy, new, sideways door-opening, forward-thinking vehicle.”

tesla dubai

3. Kick back and relax… kinda.

Remember when self-driven cars used to be a thing of fiction?

Well according to an article released by Tesla in October of last year, all Models being produced by Tesla will now come with an autopilot function that drives at a safety level “substantially greater than human beings”.

Let’s be honest, we all know a fair few people whose driving abilities could benefit from not having to touch the wheel at all.

4. Huge noise reduction.

We’ve all experienced the nuisance that is a daft, amped-up engine, roaring down the road farting out decibels reminiscent of a fighter jet.

Since the Tesla models are electric, the nifty little future-mobiles will release nothing more but a silent zoom.  Don’t believe us? Here’s what a Tesla sounds like versus your average Dubai car:

What a Tesla Model S sounds like:
What a Lamborghini Aventador sounds like:

Case and point.

5. Low maintenance

Fun fact: A Tesla Model S has less than 20 moving parts, excluding things like windows and climate control.

Your average family sedan has over 10,000 moving parts in the drive-train alone.

We all know the pain of sending your car in for service — waiting anxiously to hear what problems have arisen in your trusty metal steed.

Since Tesla’s engines are electrically-powered, there is no need for them to be lubricated. Say goodbye to ever-increasingly frequent servicing.

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Featured image: Instagram/@emkwan